Sl.No. Order No. Order Details Date Details
  O.O.No.P/132 Inclusion of Takayasu Arterites (Auto Immune Disorder) under Outdoor/Day Care treatment in medical reimbursement/benefits of the employees of WBSEDCL. 06.12.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.94 Revised modalities for closure of open Purchase Orders in ERP system 01.12.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/126 Group Medical Insurance Policy for retired employees 29.11.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.36 Holiday List WBSEDCL - 2024 17.11.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/121 Inclusion of hospitals/Nursing Homes/Medical Centres as approved/recognized hospitals for treatment of the employees and their depandants 09.11.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2303 Public Relation Allowances-Rule 25 of WBSEDCL (ROPA) Rules.2020 10.11.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.160 Maker Chekcer Amendment 10.11.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.12/2023 Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners & family Pensioners of WBSEDCL 02.11.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.GM(HR&A)/TP&AS/28/2023 Revised Time Schedule for Medical Bill 01.11.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2295 Amendment of clause 11.01(b) of the Purchase Policy 16.10.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2294 Revised Procurernent Procedure for procurement of Oil Cooled Distribution Transformers of rating 11/0.433KV; 25, 63, 100, 160, 250 & 31SKVA 16.10.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2293 A.lnclusion of SNAP BID (Price Part) under new clause No.10.03 in Revised Purchase Policy of WBSEDCL
B.Amendment of Clause no.5.03(Forfeiture of EMD) of Revised Purchase Policy .
16.10.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2292 WBSEDCL has to mandatorily disclose information pertaining to the receivables and payables of the companies that have been struck off under the Companies Act 2013 16.10.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.157 Accessing ERP application on holidays during Durga Puja festival 2023 09.10.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2291 Restructuring of Job workflow of Finance wing posted under Distribution Head Quarter and Siliguri Zonal Office 06.10.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2289 Revision in Travelling Allowance Regulations 29.09.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2287 Modification of modalities towards capturing and recording the Contractual Demand/ Contractual Load as per actual drawl of load by the L&MV consumers. 29.09.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.22 Standard Operating Proccdure (SOP) to deal with cases related to frequent/prolonged unauthorised absence from work 26.09.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.CED(S)/01 Guidelines for replacement of Defective Energy Meters within G.P 19.09.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.13 Collection of Filled Up "Safety Declaration Form" from the Puja Committee/Authorized Applicant of "Temporary" Puja Connection 05.09.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.14 Press release by RBI 05.09.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.27 Allowance of rebate to the tune of 66% on electricity bills for temporary power supply to Puja Pandels(Durgapuja only) for the year 2023-24 04.09.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.25 Supply of power to Puja Pandals for the year 2023-24 at WBSEDCL area 04.09.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.12 Opening of Cash Collection Centre at each Customer Care Centre, Region Office, Central Commercial dept during Puja Holidays 2023 and refreshment expenses during Puja Holidays 2023 01.09.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.10 Utilization of vehicles during Puja Festivals of 2023 31.08.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2277 Modification of the Schedule of Delegation of power. 28.08.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.45 Participation in the 7th edition of "Duare Sarkar Camps" of Government of West Bengal by WBSEDCL w.e.f 1st September 2023 23.08.2023 Click Here
  Memo.No.Memo Nor.WBSEDCL/IT&C/33.10(iii)/1861 Incorporation of all newly erected electrical assets in GIS Map of WBSEDCL by conducting GIS survey. 16.08.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2272 Mandatory entry of data ln existing module of SAP-ERP platform, to capture and maintain records and bulld data-base of theft of material, cash. etc. under WBSEDCL 11.08.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.10/2023 Vehicles will be provided,for official purpose without night halt 11.08.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.09/2023 Guideline regarding allotment of vehicles for outstation official duty 11.08.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.RMP/2023/28 Creation of Gazole Division 09.08.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2268 A committee is constituted to examiie the issue of the services & utiity of General Insurance Brokers 31.07.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/07 Regarding Poster 28.07.2023 Click Here
  Circular "Face Recognition Based Attendance System" will start operation from 01.08.2023 27.07.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.RMP/2023/27 Restructuring of Distribution Wing 23.07.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.CED/36 Updating prices of different materials(Central & Local Purchase) items for the year 2023-2024 in respect of 33KV,11KV & LT system 20.07.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.RMP/2023/25 Additional post of General Manager (F&A) at the Corporate level 19.07.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2260 Payment certificates shall be provided to vendors online through the vendor corner 14.07.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2259 Revision of Special Allowance under Rule26(d) of WBSEDCL (ROPA) rules 2020 14.07.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.06 Essential Steps to be taken during the ensuing Panchayat General Election'2023 21.06.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2254 Submission of Option to opt out from New Tax Resime under Section 192 read with Sub-section (1A) of Section 115BAC of the lncome Tax Act, 1961 - reg. 12.06.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2253 Age proof certificate for enhancement of pension for the family pensioneron attaining the age of80 years & above as per ROPA 2020. 12.06.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.127 Better operational flaw in the IS-U System 12.06.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2247 Bi-cycle Allowance under WBSEDCL (ROPA) Rules 2020 19.05.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2246 Revision of Special Allowance under Rule26(d) of WBSEDCL (ROPA) Rules 2020 19.05.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2245 House Rent Allowance and Conveyance Allowance in respect of emplovees posted at New Delhi Liaison Office 19.05.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2243 Guideline for issuance of "NO DEMAND CERTIFICATE" for the employees released from any RE Project Office having virtual Store' 16.05.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.05 Maintaining ground clearance of overhead lines 15.05.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.comp/223 Mandatory Collection of PAN Details from Consumers having Load of 10KVA or more 15.05.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/52 Inclusion of hospitals/Nursing Homes/Medical Centres as approved/recognized hospitals for treatment of the employees and their dependants 15.05.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.E6&ERII/DDEMP/02 WBSEDCL Compassionate Appointment Policy-2023 10.05.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.06/2023 Employee Recogition & Reward Scheme 02.05.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/47 Group Medical Insurance Scheme for the Retired Employees of WBSEDCL (2022-23) shall remain open w.e.f.10.05.2023 to 19.05.2023 27.04.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.06/2023 Submission of Photocopy of Aadhar Card by the pensioner's/ family pensioner's for introducing the process of Digital Life Certificate 26.04.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.05/2023 Submission of 'Joint Option Form' under Para ll (3) and Para ll (4) of Employees Pension Schcme, 1995 in direction given by Hon'ble Suprcme Court vide ordcr dated 04th Novcmber 2022 passed in SLP, No. 8658-B659 of 2019 titled EPFO Vs Sunil Kumar B. & ORS. E.T.C. 26.04.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.01 Office order regarding training policy 11.04.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/34 Straemlining the procedure of submission of Declaration of Assets in respect of employees of Class-II category 10.04.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/29 Authorizations to access CRM application 28.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2131 Purchase Policy & Procedure of the Company for procurement of commonly used office articles/items through Government-e-Marketplace(GeM) portal ( 28.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2235 Introduction of the Performance Appraisal & Review System for Class II & Class III Employees under HCM Module of ERP system in WBSEDCL instead of hard copy 27.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/29 Separation of PTS 24.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.CED/18 Participation in the 6th edition of "Duare Sarkar Camps" of Government of West Bengal by WBSEDCL w.e.f 1st April 2023 21.03.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.04 Essential Steps to be taken to restore the break down during ensuing nor wester & "Holy Ramzan Month" for maintaining steady Power Supply 16.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/26 PTS Wages 14.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.105 Introduction of New Connection Application facility for Bangla Sahayata Kendras 13.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.CED/14 Dispensing with conventional Measurement Book (MB) for various electrical works under WBSEDCL and replacing it, with computer printed measurement record in A4-sheet 13.03.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/03 Circular Notice regarding strike on 10.03.2023 09.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.01/2023 Common Safety Measures to be undertaken to eradicate ectrical accidents 09.03.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.2222 lssue of Digital ldentity Card to Pensioner / Family Pensioner 28.02.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.212 Tagging of soft copy of invoice with MIRO document in ERP system 24.02.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/14 Medical Order 22.02.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.03/2023 Submission of 'Joint Option Form' under Para 11(3) and Para 11(4) of Employees Pension Scheme, 1995 in direction given by Hon'ble Supreme Court vide Order dated 04th November 2022 passed in SLP No. 8658-B659 of 2019 titled EPFO Vs Sunil Kumar B.& ORS.ETC 22.02.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.03 Amendment of 'Revised Policy guidelines' for power supply to Housing/Commercial complexes through WBSEDCL PROCEDURES-B 16.02.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.01/2023 Submission of 'Joint Option Form' under para 11(3) and 11(4) of Emeployees Pension Scheme,
1995 in compliance with directives given by Hon'ble Supreme Court vide Order dated 04" November 2022
passed in SLP No.8658-B659 0f 2019 titled EPFO Vs Sunil Kumar B.& Ors.Etc
16.02.2023 Click Here for Circular Details
Click Here for Annexure-I
Click Here for Annexure-II
Click Here for Annexure-III
  O.O.No.MPP/2023/06 Customer Care Centres Job description 06.02.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.MPP/2023/05 Division Job description 06.02.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.MPP/2023/04 Region Job description 06.02.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.MPP/2023/03 Job Role Zonal Office 06.02.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/01 Adjustment of Medical advance and reimbursetment the expenses of indoor medical
treatment of the employees and their dependants
03.02.2023 Click Here
  Cir.No.01/2023 Systematization of monitoring and control over the CSR expenditure and reporting 31.01.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/03 Designation of State Public Information Officers and First State Appellate Authorities under WBSEDCL for its various units 09.01.2023 Click Here
  O.O.No.267 Manadatory new steps are to be followed in addition to existing life cycle for serialized DTR and Meter 30.12.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/104 Inclusion of Plaque Psoriasis Arthritis(Auto Immune Disorder) under Outdoor/Day care treatment in Medical reimbursement/benefits of the employees of WBSEDCL 20.12.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2207 Reopening the scope for exercising option for getting benefit of the revised pay under WBSEDCL(ROPA) Rules, 2020 option the specific date of fixation during the period from 01.01.2016 to 01.01.2016 13.12.2022 Click Here
  Memo No.IT&C/3.20/742 Calculation of Arrear Adjustment against HT Consumers 23.11.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2196 Display of Identity Card while on duty 21.11.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2194 Implementation of Revamped Reforms Based and Results Linked Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) 18.11.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2194 Providing New Service Connection to electric vehicle charging station 10.11.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.02/2022 Specification,quantity and other parameters of PPEs for observing safety norms 03.11.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.1704 Guideline for installation and commissioning of Electronic Surveillance System(CCTV) at different establishment of WBSEDCL 24.09.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.CED/111 Rate Contract for conducting GIS field survey of electrical networks, data up loading & validation and painting of unique Pole number and DTR number 21.09.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.154/2022 Revision of Pay and Allowances (ROPA-2009) 06.09.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2170 Authorization for Iodeing complaint 30.08.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/16 Essential steps for uninterrupted power supply during puja 2022 24.08.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/79 Revised dates of submission and evaluation of PARs for the year 2021-22 23.08.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.18 Opening of cash collection centre at each Customer Care Centre, Region Office, Central Commercial Deptt. during Puja Holidays 2022 and refreshment expenses during Puja Holidays 2022 23.08.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR\15 Feliciation to meritorious wards of the employees of WBSEDCL and PTSs working under the Company 23.08.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.21 Rakhi Bandhan-11th August, 2022 08.08.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/74 Inclusion of hospitals/Nursing Homes/Medical Centres as enlisted hospitals for treatment of the employees and their dependants 08.08.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.129/2022 Partial modification of "ROPA(2020)" 27.07.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.13/2022 Applicability of GST on rent / bed charses of Holiday home. Guest House, Inspecllon Bungalow collecled bv WBSEDCL from its employees/Visitors 26.07.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.248 Amendment of Revised Policy Guidelines for Power Supply to the Industrial Park 08.07.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2162 Amendment of Clause-19(c) of WBSEB Employees'(Death-cum-Retirement Benefit) Regulations, 1985 07.07.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/58 PAR-SAR 2 28.06.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.15 ID Card Corcular 27.06.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2159 Establishment of Information Security Division headed by CISO as per CEA (Cyber Security in Power Sector) Guidelines. 2021 27.06.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.74 Extending one percent e-payment rebate to the consumers paying through Bangla Sahayata Kendras(BSK) 24.06.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/14 Re-opining of Holiday Homes at Digha & New Digha 21.06.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/54 PAR-SAR Order 20.06.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/13 Latest family dependent related Circular 15.06.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.72 Latest Office Order for requirement of Necessary Documents for New Service Connection 10.06.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.240 Thorough Health Checkup of Electrical Networks by arranging physical survey and taking effective steps to correct the defects to prevent accidents 12.05.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/33 Doctor's Consultation charges for Day Care and OPD treatment and investigations in certain critical diseases 10.05.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.237 Essential Stepd to be taken towards round the clock monitoring of the electrical system of WBSEDCL against potential damages due to the inclement weather 10.05.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2145 Testing of Power System Equipment for use in the Supply System and Network of WBSEDCT for Cyber Security and enforcement of procurement policy as per as per the CEA(Cyber Security in Power Sector) Guidelines,2021 02.05.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.13/2022 Token Penalty 29.04.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2137 Consideration of Training period as reckonable service under regular establishment 26.04.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/27 Annual Health Check-up 26.04.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.79 Modalities towards capturing and recording the Contractual Demand/Contractual Load as per actual drawal of load by the L&MV Consumers 21.04.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR\11 Resubmission of medical reimbursement claims 11.04.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.MIS/14 New process for processing of permanent Imprest 31.03.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.56 Collection of receivables against electricity bill/quotation through Bangla Sahayata Kendras, GoWB 28.03.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2131 Purchase Policy & Procedure of the Company for procurement of commonly used office articles/items through Government-e-Marketplace(GeM) portal (http: :// 28.03.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.07/2022 Installation of Solar Generation Meters at the premises of existing consumers under net metering connection 23.03.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.06/2022 Steps to be taken where discrepancies found during Annual Physical verification of Inventory. 23.03.2022 Click Here
  Memo No.IT&C/79.00/4628 Advisory 17.03.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2099 Schedule of Delegation of Power (DOP) Revised (2022) 04.03.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2090 Discontinuation of the system of keeping of Blue Card at CCCs 21.02.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2088 Dispensing with the hard copies of proposals i.r.o various Capital Works under ERP-PS Module up to Regional Level 18.02.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.MPP/2022/03 Trifurcation of Mathrapur CCC 18.02.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2087 Committee for job description 18.02.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.228 Revised Policy Guidelines for Power Supply to the Industrial Parks 18.02.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.09/2022 Working days for the calendar year 2021 became substantially less 16.02.2022 Click Here
  Memo No.Accts/Comp/PJ21-22/557 Advisory on availability of Joint Measurement Certificate (JMC) 16.02.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2082 Office Order regarding House Rent Allowance and deduction of House Rent 01.02.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.02/2022 SAP based system to monitor vendor activities 31.01.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2081 lmplementation of tariff for EV Charging Stations under WBSEDCL 31.01.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.11 Total working days for Calendar Year 2021 became substantially less 28.01.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.2079 Access of copy of authenticated Pay-fixation order starting from ROPA 2020 onwards through ESS Portal/ ERP System. 21.01.2022 Click Here
  Circular payment posting authorization to Regional offices 21.01.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/05 Process of Annual Leave, Encashment 14.01.2022 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/04 Disbursement of monthly salary for the initial period i.r.o employees under regular payroll and under contractual employment joining the organization 14.01.2022 Click Here
  Procedures-C Connection procedures of Solar PV generatiing system under Net Metering and Net Billing arrangement 14.01.2022 Click Here
  Circular APS-CPS Circular 2022 13.01.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/02 Implementation of Budgetary Control System(BCS)-Opex through SAP-ERP Fund Management(FM) module 07.01.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/01 Guidelines on Preventive Measures to Contain Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic 03.01.2022 Click Here
  Cir.No.20/2021 COVID 19 Quarantine leave 24.12.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.2046 Special Turga Pumped Storage Project (TPSP) Allowance for the employees posted at Turga Pumped Storage Project site 14.12.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.12 Reduction of the Supervision Charges from 15% to 10% of the total estimated cost of materials & labour as per Cost Schedule for development of electrical infrastructure towards effecting the new service connection under WBSEDCL 03.12.2021 Click Here
  Memo No.CHR/ER/2021/247 WBSEDCL ESR Final 01.12.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/19 Guideline for submission of documents for adjustment/reimbursement of Medical advances/bills of the employees of the Company 30.11.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.MIS/12 ROPA 2020 has been done through computerized system using PAYFIX tool 30.11.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/50 Inclusion of hospitals/Nursing Homes/Medical Centres as enlisted hospitals for treatment of the employees and their dependants 29.11.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/49 Medical Insurance for Retired 29.11.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.220 "Nodal Officer" to oversee the prompt disposal of New Service Cpnnection 26.11.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/46 Revision of norms for medical reimbursement/benefits of the employees of WBSEDCL 18.11.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.01/2021 Guideleine for acquisition and disposal of immovable property by the employees of the Company 17.11.2021 Click Here
  Memo No.IT&C/92.00/3989 Intimation regarding Go-Live of Process for Payment Collection using Virtual Account Number (VAN) based centralized NEFT/RTGS mode through State Bank of India(SBI) in SAP IS-U System 03.09.2021 Click Here
  Memo No.DHQ/F&A/Revenue/2684 Reconcillation of consumers i.r.o. all the State Govt. Departments 02.09.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.2028 Relaxatiobn of Parameters for Consideration of promotion under CPS, owing to unprecedented pandemic situation 31.08.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.2006 New guideline for accessing complaint management system CRM by CFO JE SM 29.07.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/24 Group Insurance Policy option 29.07.2021 Click Here
  Memo no WBSEDCL/PF/Cir/2020-21/135 Annual PF E-statement 23.07.2021 Click Here
  Memo No. Safety/2D/65 Electrical accident intimation to the Chief Electrical Inspector 19.07.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.13/2021 Monthly PF schedule 13 050721 05.07.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.12/2021 E-nomination for EPF members 29.06.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.2001 Enhancement od pre-mature death benefit 29.06.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.CMD/157/24 District Level Monthly meeting DCL with TCL 25.06.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/17 Extension for DA 1.1.21 & PAR 20-21 25.06.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.11/2021 Compliance of Section 206A8, 206CCA and 194Q of the lncome Tax Act, 1961 11.06.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.10/2021 UAN (Universal Account Number) Activation & KYC seeding by the Enrployees of WBSEDCL 10.06.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.04 Minimization of Accidents due to Unsafe Conditions in WBSEDCL's system & Unsafe Act of Technical Workforce 08.06.2021 Click Here
  Memo no IT&C/38.00/3714 Enhance in CRM 07.06.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/07 Re-open of RE Projects 04.06.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.1995 Modification of the Schedule of Delegation of power. 24.05.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.1991 Implementation of PAR system under SAP-ERP system 07.05.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/07 Mediclaim for pensioners of WBSEDCL 07.05.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/02 Bulk Post Paid CUG Mobile Connection & Services for Officials of WBSEDCL 21.04.2021 Click Here
  Memo no CE9/Circular/02 Computation of A&TC Loss 21.04.2021 Click Here
  O.O.SGHRA07810005 COVID Welfare task force 19.04.2021 Click Here
  O.O.80 Medical Advance proposal to DHQ 25.03.2021 Click Here
  Cir.No.05/2021 Circular for procedure of issue of store materials 18.03.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/50 Exclusion of Rabindranath tagore International Institute of Cariac Sciences and Disha Eye Hospital, as referral Hospital 02.03.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.1972 Interim measures to be taken for removal of difficulties in receiving application i.r.o Solar PV installation under Net Metering arrangement prior to finalaization of procedures under WBERC 25.02.2021 Click Here
  Circular CMD's Circular on Pending Connection 23.02.2021 Click Here
  Memo.No.IT&C/3.20/3469 Enhancement ISU LPSC related clarification 19.02.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/47 Inclusion of SUSRUT EYE Foundation & Research Center 18.02.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.Comp/186 JMC for materials regularisation 18.02.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.1966 Conferring of designation to the employees having availed the benefits of 'Special Service Linked Scheme' 12.02.2021 Click Here
  Memo No:CHR/670/21/353 ERP Activities 09.02.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.26 Enquiry Commission of District Wing 09.02.2021 09.02.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.1927 Strict compliance for serrvce confirmation/acceptance in the Purchase order in ERP 05.02.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.1922 Substitution od Regulaion 120 of WBSEBESR(since adopted by WBSEDCL) 03.02.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.1921 Relaxation of Parameters for Consideration of promoton under Career Progression Scheme(CPS), owing to unprecedented pandemic situation 02.02.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.CED/64 Revised rate contract 21.01.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/42 Inclusion of B.M.Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata for treatment of cardiology related diseases 15.01.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/40 ROPA-20 Working Hours Darjeeling & Kalimpong 15.01.2021 Click Here
  Circular APS- CPS Circular 14.01.2021 Click Here
  Memo No.Safety/37B/133 Safety actions to be taken at the CCCs and S/Stns. for avoiding accidents and achievement of the target of 'Zero Accident Organisation'. 08.01.2021 Click Here
  O.O.No.1899 Par through ERP 29.12.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.22/2020 Modification of Safety committee members 23.12.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1894 Fixation of Pay of employees under WBSETCL(ROPA) Rules having their date of increment on 01.01.2016 15.12.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.22/2020 Modification of Safety committee members 10.12.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.38 Displaying ID-card 10.12.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.RMP/20/37 Promotion path of OE Cadre 10.12.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1874 Enterprise wise IT Security 03.12.2020 Click Here
  Cir.No.08 Revised infrastructure cost of Dir(D) 27.11.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.53 Hiring DG SET, Erec.160 KVA, LT Panel... 27.11.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1870 Asson/Union not to disturb new entrants in training schedule 26.11.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.52 Modality of Industrial Meter Reading 18.11.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/25 Pensioners mediclaim 20 09.11.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/21 Wages of PT sweeper 15.10.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/21 Medical reimbursement@CMRI 14.10.2020 Click Here
  Memo.No.Corp/Legal/1691 New submirsible pump connection 01.10.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1865 Keeping PAR & SAR 22.09.2020 Click Here
  Cir.No.MIS/06 ROPA 20 Amend Rule 7 15.09.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/15 Group Medical Insurance for Retired Employees 04.09.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1852 Relaxation for CPS 24.08.2020 Click Here
  Memo No:CED/Spot Billing/Allotment/2020/39 Allotment of venders(CCC Wise) for spot billing activity from September 2020 19.08.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1831 Leave salary 300 upto days 02.07.2020 Click Here
  Memo no. CED/Spot Billing/Rate Contarct/2020/38 Rate Contract of spot billing 07.06.2021 Click Here
  Mcmo No:CE/CRM/64 CRM Based Complain 12.08.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1845 Corrigendum(Declaration by Pensioner in context of Tax deduction at sources from Pension) 28.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1842 EL 320 days 24.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1840 Procedure for obtaining authorizing to access SAP ERP, SAP IS-U, CA Service Desk, Webmail & WBSEDCL Portal 24.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1838 Pensioners Tax deduction 20.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.CED.P/09 Pension Group Medical Insurance 2020-21 16.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.CED.32 Revised Rate of Contracts w.e.f 01.07.2020 14.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.CED.31 Revised Rate of Contract for L.T. Mobile Van Service w.e.f. 01.07.2020 14.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1837 Reconstitution of the Committee for examination and processing of queries/clarification relating to interpretation and implementation of provision of ROPA, 2020 10.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1833 Transfer Grant 10.07.2020 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/01 Regulation of Attendence Records and its related transactions in SAP ERP System 09.07.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.1831 Employees retired on or after 01.01.2020 will be eligible for cash equivalent to leave salary up to a maximum 300 days on basis of revised pay 02.07.2020 Click Here
  Cir.No.13/2020 Amendment 30.06.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.387/2020 Absence in office during lockdown period i.e. 23.03.2020 to 31.05.2020 shall be treated as 'Special Leave' 29.06.2020 Click Here
  No.TBlTAM/RO/Covid-19/Cont.Rate/2020 EPFO GUIDELINE.pdf 19.05.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No. P/65 Extension Date of submission of PAR 2020 15.05.2020 Click Here
  Cir.No. 04 Enhancement Rate of cleaning and washing charges 29.04.2020 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/12 All offices of WBSEDCL will remain closed on every Saturday with revised working hours 31.03.2020 Click Here
  O.O.No.210/2020 Creation of 44(Fourty four) nos. additional posts of Junior Engineer(Civil)Gr.-II 06.03.2020 Click Here
O.O.No.CED/U.G Cable Rate Contract/07 UG Rate Contract 2020 25.02.2020 Click Here
O.O.No.1783 All the employees of the company are to exercise option for getting the benefit of the revised pay under the WBSEDCL(ROPA) Rules 24.02.2020 Click Here
O.O.No.RMP/20/04 Manpower of DSC Cell 13.01.2020 Click Here
O.O.No.1764 Pensioners account shifting 11.01.2020 Click Here
Circular CPS Promotion format 10.01.2020 Click Here
Circular Prompt shifting of bare HT LT Line 08.01.2020 Click Here
O.O.No.MPP/2020/01 Age limit WBSEDCL 06.01.2020 Click Here
O.O.No.1753 Self certification by Consumer 03.12.2019 Click Here
Cir.No.175 Guidelines towards realization of proportionate cost for procedure "B" service connection under WBSEDCL 29.11.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1749 SC with self certification 28.11.2019 Click Here
Memo No:IT&C/33.10(MBC)/2341(5) Modification in spot billing 25.11.2019 Click Here
Memo No:IT&C/3.20/2398 Creation of Security Deposit 18.11.2019 Click Here
Cir. No. 14/2019 Online PF Application 15.11.2019 Click Here
Notice Shifting of Energy Meter outside the meter room 31.10.2019 Click Here
Cir.No.14 Shifting of Energy Meter outside the meter room 21.10.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.P/35 Enhancement of ceiling limit of monthly income of the dependant employee 23.09.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.MPP/2019/50 Baduria Division 13.09.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.P/22 Boarding at Puri 07.08.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.MPP/career path/2019/40 Promotional Path of Jr. Executive(Finance) 20.07.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.MPP/career path/2019/41 Promotional Path of Office Executives and allied cadare posts 20.07.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.MPP/2019/42 Promotional Path of Safety Officer 20.07.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.16 Extension of existing Rate Contract for effecting Single Phase and Three Phase Loop Connection 19.07.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.P/16 Boarding at Old Digha Holiday Home 07.08.2019 Click Here
Memo No:D/D/39/DTR/1336 HT LT Infrastructure 14.06.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.144 Replaced Meter in ERP system 10.06.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.144 Steamlining of the process for acceptance of the replaced meter within Warranty period in ERP system 10.06.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1621 Committee for review of Transfer Policy-2017 of the Company 14.05.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1620 Handing over of pension booklet to the retiring employees Through Drawing and Distribution officer of the attached Unit 08.05.2019 Click Here
Memo No:-WBSEDCL/IT&C/33.10/1915 Letter to DM 20.04.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1608 Group Incentive Scheme for the special officers attached with S&LP HQ & site officera 16.04.2019 Click Here
Cir.No.02/2019 HBL tie up upto 2022 16.04.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1607 Addendum for simplified forms 13.04.2019 Click Here
Cir.No.06 Modifications of existing network/Sub-station with introduction of latest updated technology 10.04.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1604 Monthly Technical meeting with technical employees of WBSEDCL and Supervisors/Workers of out1sourced agencies at Divisional level 08.04.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1598 Implementation on VPN 01.04.2019 Click Here
Cir.No.05 In principle clearance for installation of 315 KVA DTR from Zonal Manager 29.03.2019 Click Here
Cir.No.02 Essential Steps to be taken to restore the break-down during ensuring summer & nor'wester for maintaining steady Power Supply 27.03.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1590 Introduction of Simplified Forms for New connection(L&MV and Bulk)/Extension of Load and Change of Ownership/Change in purpose of supply against existing connection 18.03.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1587 Connection in forest 12.03.2019 Click Here
Fixing of "DANGER" Board on Electrical Poles and DTR installation 08.03.2019 Click Here
Memo.No.CE/R&EM/12 Improper calculation of energy consumption of 11 feeders 07.03.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.56 Amendment of the rate Contract for Earthing of Neutral point Distribution Transformer 06.03.2019 Click Here
Cir.No.120 Methodology for implementation of HVDS Project 06.03.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1584 Restriction of OFFLINE collection software w.e.f 01.04.2019 05.03.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.MPP/2019/08 Re-organization Burdwan-Durgapur 02.03.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1583 Introduction of 2-Level Release Strategy in Releasing Purchase Orders in SAP-ERP 01.03.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1575 Respective officials will inspect Customer Care Centres for improving customer services 14.02.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1776 Incentive Scheme 13.02.2020 Click Here
O.O.No.1768 Incentive Scheme 24.01.2020 Click Here
Cir.No.118 Criteria of selection of land for construction of 33/11KV Sub-station 26.02.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.CED/03 Revised Rate of Contracts for L.T.Mobile Van Service w.e.f. 01.01.2019 08.02.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.CED/02 Revised Rate of Contracts for Repair & Maintenance of Feeder lines, Sub-Stations w.e.f. 01.01.2019 08.02.2019 Click Here
Memo No.CED/Misc Strengthening of Revenue Activities 07.02.2019 Click Here
Memo No.IT&C/1388 Go live Windows based application for PC based cash collection using Desktop/Laptop through Internet/Intranet connectivity without Bill validation 05.02.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.CED/02 Revised Rate of Contracts for Repair & Maintenance of Feeder lines, Sub-Stations w.e.f. 01.01.2019 08.02.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.1566 Norms for publication of tender notice 22.01.2019 Click Here
No.06-PO/O/C-I/5M-130/11(Part-I) Supervision Charge 2.5% for Shifting of NHAI work 10.01.2019 Click Here
O.O.No.MPP/2019/02 Customer Center created at Durgapur 01.01.2019 Click Here
  User Manual New Service Connection Project -- Click Here
  O.O.No.1556 Transferred business from DPL to WBSEDCL 31.12.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1553 Enhancement of maximum limit of Grauity from Rs.10 lakh to Rs.20 lakh for the employees of the Company 31.12.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1552 Enhancement of maximum limit of Grauity from Rs.10 lakh to Rs.20 lakh in respect of employees covered under the Payment of Grauity Act 1972 31.12.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1546 Two-layered authorization system to prevent the unauthorized/unintended access to SAP system 21.12.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/49 Revision of daily rates of wages of Part-Time Sweepers and Part-Time Mails, engaged at different units/establishments 19.12.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1541 Modification of Schedule of Delegation of Power 15.12.2018 Click Here
  Memo No. CED/Misc/1065(s) Restriction of effecting multiple connection(s) to the dwelling unit "unless existence of valid partition or by mutual agreement between the beneficiaries" and premises having OSD/disconnected service connection exists 14.12.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1528 Committee for consideration of Key performance Indicators(KPI) for evaluation of performance of officials posted at Dist.H.Q, S&LP H.Q and other wings of Corp. level for awarding incentive 06.12.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1525 Procedure of phase conversion of the Low Voltage service connection with connected load below 6KW in case of Rooftop Solar PV System in Government, Government sposored Institution/School/College premises 04.12.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.43 Submission of the Declaration Form regarding information about existing connection (if any) after effecting the New Service Connection to the customer's premises 12.11.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.CED/44 "Rate Contract" for erection, laying & maintenance of 33KV underground electrical net work system throughout the jurisdiction of the company except hilly area 17.11.2018 Click Here
  Memo No.CED/Misc/988 Furnish detailed information of the places & electrical infrastructure thereof, where the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Govt. of West Bengal visited during last 5-6 years under your electrical jurisdiction 03.11.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1505 Grant of "Paternity-cum-Child care Leave" for 30 days to male employees of WBSEDCL 11.10.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1507 Substitution of Regulation 103B(1)(b) of WBSEBESR(since adopted by WBSEDCL) 13.10.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.08/2018 Action plan has been formulated to minimize the nos. of accidents occuring frequently due to unsafe conditions of WBSEDCL's system & unsafe act of technical workforce 12.10.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.36 Revised Rate Conttract of New Service Connection(Single-Phase) i.r.o APL Consumers 27.09.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1500 Group Incentive Scheme for the employees of WBSEDCL 28.09.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.35 Revised Rate Conttract of New Service Connection(Three-Phase) i.r.o L&MV Consumers 27.09.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/30 Committee on sexual harrasment of woman at work place 13.09.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.32 Rationalization of procedures for effecting the Construction Power Supply to Multi-Storied Housing Complex or Commercial Complex 07.09.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1479 Committe for consideration to review the existing LTC 7 HTC benefit in respect of employees of WBSEDCL/td> 04.09.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.MPP/2018/26 Revised manpower set-up of Customer Care Centres 30.08.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1471 Roll out of Windows based application for online cash collection using Desktop/Laptop through Internet connectivity 25.08.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1469 Sale/Purchase of any property-Rule-55,ESR 21.08.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1466 Exemption of GST on some items with reference to the Gazette Notification No.14/2018 dated 26thJuly 2018 of the Under Secretary to the Govt. Of India 10.08.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.10 Rates for testing & outdoor commissioning of various items and rates for identifying cable fault location & faulty cables 04.08.2018 Click Here
  Memo No.HAV/7M-37-18/191 Outstanding electricity bill of WBSEDCL 31.07.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.06/2018 Office Order from Corporate safety Cell 27.07.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/21 Rest House-cum-Treatment Home at Vellore 19.07.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1449 Use of Licensed Software in all the offices/establishments of WBSEDCL 18.07.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1444 Economy Measures regarding maintenance of financial austerity 03.07.2018 Click Here
  Cir. No. CHR/03 Guidelines for submission of any Charter of Demand_Memorandum_Grievances to the Authorities of the Company 29.06.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.134/2018 Inclusion in the scope of Spot Billing activity 21.06.2018 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/03 Guidelines for submission of Charter of Demand_Memorandum_Grievances 29.06.2018 Click Here
  Memo No. CED/Spot Billing/Rate Contract/22 Inclusion in the scope of Spot Billing activity 21.06.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/13 Modification of Office Order No.P/77 dated 25.10.2016 read with Office Order No. P/109 dated 11.02.2017 in connection with bulk post paid CUG Mobile 7 Services for officials of WBSEDCL 08.06.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/09 Quarterly inclusion of members to the Group Medical Insurance Scheme for the Retired Employees of WBSEDCL(2018-19) shall remain open w.e.f. 04.06.2018 to 19.06.2018 01.06.2018 Click Here
  Memo.No.CED/Spot Billing/498 Submission of certificate of i.r.o 100% checking of spot billing image by the station manager 31.05.2018 Click Here
  Memorandum Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to the Satate Government Employees and some other categories of employees for the year 2017-2018 30.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1419 Implementation of e-Way bill as per GST Act 2017 for intra-State supplies 30.05.2018 Click Here
  Cir.No.04/2018 Every 5 dats of late attendence of an employee within the attendence period from 16thof the previous month to 15th of the current payroll month, leave of one day shall be deducted from the available leave at credit in order of begining with CL, followed by CCL and EL. 24.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1416 Generation of Retirement Notice from SAP ERP System and recording of the same in the Service Book 21.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1415 Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for purchase of power from Independent Power Producers(IPP), Solar, Co-generators and Renewable Power generators 21.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1414 Roll out of android based mobile application for online cash collection 21.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1414 Roll out of android based mobile application for online cash collection 21.05.2018 Click Here
  Cir.No.03 Guideline for replacement of post-paid meter by pre-paid meter of different offices of Governmant Of West Bengal currently connected through single phase connection 18.05.2018 Click Here
  CED/17 Revised rates for new construction works 15.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.CED/15 New Erection Rates for LT & HT AB Cable 15.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.17 New Monthly Rate Contract Order for --a) Repair & Maintenance of 33KV & 11KV Feeder Lines, b) Night Mobile Service for Repair & Maintenance of 33KV & 11KV Feeder Lines, c) Operation & Maintenance of 33/11KV Sub-Station 15.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.16 New Rate contract for engagement of Mobile Van with Driver fitted with Tools & Mobile Phone of Outside Agencies for the service of L.T. consumers 15.05.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.03/2018 "Excellence in Safety" Award 07.05.2018 Click Here
  Memo No.CED/L-14A/431 Updating prices of different meterials(Central & Local Purchase) items for the Year 2018-19 in respect of 33KV,11KV & LT system(Cost Data 18-19) 28.04.2018 Click Here
  Memo No.WBSEDCL/IT&C/96 Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System under WBSEDCL 28.04.2018 Click Here
  Circular Implementation of SAUBHAGYA Scheme for providing last mile connectivity and electricity connections to all un-electrified households in Rural Areas 27.04.2018 Click Here
  Memo No.Safety/01/2018 Mandatory horizontal & vertical clearance of buildings & structires from HV and L&MV overhead electrical conductors, while sanctioning of "Building Plan" by Civic bodies 23.04.2018 Click Here
  Memo No. CED/L-14A/431 Updating prices of different materials(Central & Local Purchase) items for the Year 2018-19 in respect of 33KV,11KV & LT system 22.04.2018 Click Here
  Cir No.01 Launch a Whatsapp group exclusively for better communication and reporting/feedback of safety related matters by cosumers/outsiders within the jurisdiction of West Bengal 18.04.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.30 Approved rate per service connection to rural domestic households exclusively under "SAUBHAGYA" scheme 16.04.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1389 List of authorized officials to communicate with media press/press 05.04.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1384 LT consumers under different categories (below 125KVA) be informed in writing stating the specific reason(s) to unable the effective service connection and allow such consumers to opt for refund security deposit as per enclosed format 27.03.2018 Click Here
  Cir.Comp/164 Physical Verification of Cash 15.03.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/80 Group Medical Insurance Scheme for the retired employees of WBSEDCL for the year 2018-19 shall be implemented in association with the SBI General Insurance Co.Ltd. 12.03.2018 Click Here
  Circular Circular regarding issuance of letter to LT consumers for technieconomic feasibility 28.02.2018 Click Here
  Memo.No.WBSEDCL/BC/65/777(120) Modification of Regulation No. 4.2.3 of West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulation, 2013 relating to removing difficulty in realizing payment of energy bill through Letter of Credit(LC) 26.02.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.CE/DP/17-18/26/155 Rate Contract for Balancing of loads amongst phases of DTRs having capacity 63KVA and above(Dtr.Load Balancing) 26.02.2018 Click Here
  Cir.85 The Govt. of West Bengal has decided to convert all the Overhead Electrical Networks to Underground cabling System in all the District Headquarters, Sub-divisional towns and important towns with tourist interest to increase reliability in the system and to have better aesthetic views 20.02.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1333 Introduce Biometric Daily Attendance Recording system at all Offices of WBSEDCL(except the Customer Care Centers and Substations) 20.02.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No:ES&ER-II/2017/WS(C)-Reg.Cont.Service/T/238 Contract Preiod of regular SAE 16.02.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No:ES&ER-II/2017/WS(C)-Reg.Cont.Service/T/237 Contract Preiod of regular SAE 16.02.2018 Click Here
  Circular.No:02/2018 Transfer Grant Circular 15.02.2018 Click Here
  Circular Suitability tests for awarding promotion to employees belonging to Scale Nos. 1 to 7 to thier respective next higher posts/scales under Career Progression Scheme are going be held shortly 31.01.2018 Click Here
  O.O.No.1314 Guideline towards waiver of LPSC i.r.o L&MV consumers 03.01.2018 Click Here
  Cir.01/2018 Guideline for reporting and submission of Insurance Claim 02.01.2018 Click Here
  Cir.73 Waiver of LPSC 02.01.2018 Click Here
  Cir.70 Visit to Deemed Disconnection Premises where OSD is up to Rs 10 20.12.2017 Click Here
  Cir.CHR/06 Declaration for IT,HRA,INVESTMENT 15.12.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No. CE/DP/17-18/26/10068 Revised rate Contract for Earthing of Neutral point of Distribution Transformer 12.12.2017 Click Here
  Cir. 23 Refreshment expenses for the offices functioning during Durga Puja & Kali Puja Holidays'2017 26.09.2017 Click Here
  Cir. 21 Opening of Cash Collection Centre at each Customer Care Centre during Durga Puja & Kalipuja 2017 13.09.2017 Click Here
  Cir.No.17 Supply of DTR by intending consumers for release of Service Connection 16.08.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No. DD/LI/683 Energisation of WRDD pump sets on Turnkey mode by the concerned Deptt. except WBADMI projects 10.08.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No.CED/31 Revised rate of contract for L.T Mobile Van Service w.e.f. 01.07.2017 28.07.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No. 1235 Work Diary for Officers of WBSEDCL 26.07.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No. 1232 Issue of Identity Card to Pensioners 13.07.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No. 1233 Transfer Policy-2017 for the employees of WBSEDCL 22.07.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No. 1220 Payment of Group insurance payment through Authorized bank-direct credit to the Savings Bank Account of the Legal Heirs/Successor/Executor etc of the deceased employee 27.06.2017 Click Here
  Cir. 05 commerciol tariff hove been imposed to a good number of low and medium voltoge Govt. School, Govt. Aided School or Govt. Sponsor school under differeni c.c.c insteod of tariff rate A(CM-I). 17.06.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No.1217 List of authorized officials to communicate with media press/press 15.06.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No.08 Assessment of energy bill 01.06.2017 Click Here
  Corrigendum Corrigendum order dated 25.05.2017 25.05.2017 Click Here
  O.O.346 Rate Contract for effecting single phase & three phase loop connection 23.05.2017 Click Here
  O.O.1196 2 Lac cash collection ban 20.04.2017 Click Here
  Circular Replacing the words 'Yours faithfully'with the words 'Yours sincerely' in Notice forms and request forms being used by Members-reg. 28.03.2017 Click Here
  Cir.050 Utility Shifting against application by Govt.Authorities 22.03.2017 Click Here
  Cir.049 Consumption of Material into SAP_ERP system & timely processing of Final Bill 14.03.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/108 Guideline for procurement of mobile handsets/phones for the officials of the Company 11.02.2017 Click Here
  Cir.No.02/2017 Guideline for introduction of System Access Policy in cash desk and other transaction in SAP-ISU 16.01.2017 Click Here
  O.O.No.1144 Fixed allowance for holding the charge of Cash Section as custodian 05.01.2017 Click Here
  Circular WBSEDCL Employees' Service Regulations 01.01.2017 Click Here
  Cir.258 E-collection procedure is being introduced in WBSEDCL 07.12.2016 Click Here
  Memo No.CED/Spot Bill/2016-17/536 Salient role of Station Manager of concerned CCC and DCC in charge and HR Manager of concerned Division i.r.o Spot Billing activity 26.11.2016 Click Here
  Cir.No.09/2016 Creation of demand of DCRC by authorised person at establishment section of CCC 05.10.2016 Click Here
  O.O.No. 1117 In the matter pertaining to accounting of leave of an employee,providing Leave Encashment benefit and issuance of Leave Accounting Report(LAR) for the regular employees of the establishments of the Company 29.09.2016 Click Here
  Cir.No.038 Inspection of Deemed Disconnected premises 02.09.2016 Click Here
  Circular Schedule of cost data of different materials (in respect of 33KV,11KV & LT Systems) for the year 2016-2017 25.08.2016 Click Here
  Cir.No.09 Guidelines for preserving seized articles during conducting raid against pilferage of Electricity 22.08.2016 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/06 Programme to felicitate the meritorious wards of the employees of WBSETCL and WBSEDCL jointly for excelling in the Madhyamik/SSE/lCSE or equivalent Examinations in 2016 and Higher Secondary/ISC/SSC or equivalent Examinations in 2016 by awarding an Award of Merit like previous years. 27.07.2016 Click Here
  Notice Rescheduled date of interview for promotion to the post of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) under "Limited Departmental Examination" 19.07.2016 Click Here
  O.O.No.1089 Modification of Sl.Nos. 30 of Schedule of Delegation of power 14.07.2016 Click Here
  Cir.No.06/2016 UAN(Universal Account Number) Activation & KYC seeding by the Employees of WBSEDCL 14.07.2016 Click Here
  Cir. No.033 Maintaing Secrecy about Password of individual employee 08.07.2016 Click Here
  Notice Interview for promotion to the post of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) under "Limited Departmental Examination" 05.07.2016 Click Here
  O.O.No.1124/1(18) Ceiling of reimbursement of Mobile Bill 15.06.2016 Click Here
  O.O.No.MPP/2016/27 Partial modification of the existing Recruitment Policy-2010 09.06.2016 Click Here
  Circular No.CHR/05 LTC/HTC/TA advance drwan by many employees are not being settled expeditiously by submission of bills & vouchers 01.06.2016 Click Here
  Cir. No.06 Applicable Tariff Category for Religious Places 31.05.2016 Click Here
  Ordr. No. 1067 Computation of Casual Leave on pro-rata basis 29.04.2016 Click Here
  cir. CHR/02 Pending adjustment of medical advance has reached abnormally high figure 21.04.2016 Click Here
  Ordr. No. 1051 Regular inspection at different offices/units of WBSEDCL from April 2016 14.03.2016 Click Here
  Circular Suitability tests for awarding promotion to employees belonging to Scale Nos. 1to 7 under Career Progression Scheme are going be held shortly 18.01.2016 Click Here
  Ordr. No. 04 Review the existing manpower position-vis a vis load of work at different offices 15.01.2016 Click Here
  Ordr. No. 1020 Remittances of Provident Fund Advances directly to the Savings Bank Account of the employees of WBSEDCL 31.12.2015 Click Here
  Cir. No.29 Recording of Customer wise meter number & Seal number at CCC end at the time of issue of meters for new connection 23.12.2015 Click Here
  Cir. No.28 Reconciliation of materials issued to different vendors for various types of jobs 23.12.2015 Click Here
  O.O.No. 49 Mobile Handset is provided to communicate with such CCCs/Sub-Stations where no connectivity of BSNL exists 22.12.2015 Click Here
  Cir.No.27 Shifting of meters from thye existing position to the outside wall of consumers' premises 21.12.2015 Click Here
  Cir. No. 17/2015 Cash Counter timings at Customer care centres 26.11.2015 Click here
  Memo No.WBSEDCL/BC/3/361(832) Delegation Of Power(DOP) 2015 01.11.2015 Click Here
  O.O.No. 74 Reimbursement of Tiffin expenses of employees engaged for Cash Collections in CCC/Regions during the Puja Holidays 2015 17.10.2015 Click Here
  O.O.No. 74 Posting of husband and wife at the same station 30.09.2015 Click Here
  O.O.No.001 Procedure for estimation of energy consumption unit for calculation of system loss where no data is available or meter is defective 11.09.2015 Click Here
  O.O.No. 18 Rate Contract for installation of compact-conventional type DTR meter 10.09.2015 Click Here
  O.O.No.987 All type of payments through bank transfer 22.08.2015 Click Here
  Memo No.CMD/09/944 All concerned are advised to follow the guideline towards collecting documents for processing new connection 12.06.2015 Click Here
  Cir.No.10 Installation of Correct Meter at the Premises of Consumers 05.05.2015 Click Here
  O.O.No.931 Extension of facility to L&MV APL 10.02.2015 Click Here
  Memo No.89-PO/O/C-III/4M-02/2015 Clearance required for new connection 01.04.2015 Click Here
  Cir.No.161 Installation of Energy Meters On The Outside Wall Of Consumers Premises 31.12.2014 Click Here
  Cir.No.1CHR/15 Circular regarding Attendance Timing 28.11.2014 Click Here
  Cir.No.15/2014 Facility of Drop Box for Pensioners/Family Pensioners of WBSEDCL 28.10.2014 Click Here
  Cir.No.15/2014 Facility of Drop Box for Pensioners/Family Pensioners of WBSEDCL 28.10.2014 Click Here
  Cir.No.CHR/04 Compulsory Stay at Headquarters 30.06.2014 Click Here
  O.O.CED/Rate Contract/DTR Titbit_Maint./2013/822 Prior Permission for Acquiring or Disposal of any Immovable Property 23.05.2014 Click Here
  O.O.CED/Rate Contract/DTR Titbit_Maint./2013/822 Rate Contract for Tit Bit Maintenance of Distribution Transformer Rating 10 KVA to 100 KVA. 07.05.2013 Click Here
  O.O.02 Streamlining the procedure of submission of Declaration of Assets, i.r.o employees Class-II category of WBSEDCL/WBSETCL 20.04.2013 Click Here
  O.O.P/08 Farewell Gift to the retiring employees of WBSEDCL 16.04.2013 Click Here
  Circular Utilisation of the service of the newly appointed Office Executive 20.03.2013 Click Here
  O.O.666 Addendum of the Clause No.2.10 of the Office Order No.426 dated 08.04.2011 in respect of revised to WBSEDCL Procedure-A(2010) read with O.O.No. Dated.03.08.2011 07.01.2013 Click Here
  O.O.No.787 Participating in training course 31.12.2013 Click Here
  O.O.No.65 Rationalisation of Procedures for effecting Construction Power suDFlv to Multi-storeved Hosing Complex or Commercial Complex 13.11.2013 Click Here
  O.O.No. ESSAER-II/340 Fixation of Pay of i.r.o S.A.E.,Spl.Opr.Asstt.& Spl.Tech.Asstt.inducted as Work Supervisor, Spl.Opr.Asstt. Gr.B & Spl.Tech.Asstt.Gr.B respectively 13.09.2012 Click Here
  O.O.No. 89 Short Term Irrigation Supply 05.09.2012 Click Here
  O.O.No.619 Revision of Electricity Allowance 26.08.2012 Click Here
  Cir.04 Daily closure of cash desk in SAP-ISU 11.07.2012 Click Here
  O.O.No. 52 Techno-Economic feasibility for effecting service connection to Private Agricultural Pumps where Erection & Commissioning of new Distribution Sub station is required 05.05.2012 Click Here
  O.O.No.535 Guideline for declaration of defective meter 07.03.2012 Click Here
  O.O.No.527 Proper use of proposal Protective Equipment(PPE) during effective service concession 03.02.2012 Click Here
  O.O.No.452 Vehicles on permanent basis are sanctioned as per scale 29.06.2011 Click Here
  O.O.No. 009 Installation of 5-Level Kavach Seals in addition to Polycarbonate seals 10.06.2011 Click Here
  Cir.No. 9/2011 Compulsory stay at headquarters 24.05.2011 Click Here
  O.O.No.354 Clarification on Construction Power 08.04.2011 Click Here
  Booklet-A Booklet For New Connection Under WBSEDCL Procedures-A(2010) 08.04.2011 Click Here
  Booklet-B Service Connection Procedures Under WBSEDCL Procedures-B(2010) 08.04.2011 Click Here
  O.O.No.426 Revised Instruction Related to WBSEDCL Procedures-A(2010) 08.04.2011 Click Here
  O.O.No.427 Revised Instruction Related to WBSEDCL Procedures-B(2010) 08.04.2011 Click Here
  Cir. 05/2011 Parameters of PPE for observing safety norms 01.03.2011 Click Here
  Cir. 04/2011 Clarification of Promotion Policy 15.02.2011 Click Here
  O.O.No.05 Handing over and taking over of RE installations 07.02.2011 Click Here
  Cir. 2/2011 Guidelines on accident enquiry 18.01.2011 Click Here
  Cir. 19/2010 Refraining of sub-contracting of enlisted contractors_firms 10.11.2010 Click Here
  Cir. 16/2010 Recovery of outstanding dues before effecting new connection clarification 16.07.2010 Click Here
  O.O.No.323 Prevention of accidents and observance of safety standard 12.07.2010 Click Here
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  Cir. 02 No special inspection is needed to change defective/burnt 3 ph. Satic meters connected to the STW consumers' premises 24.06.2010 Click Here
  Cir. 01 Training programme can be arranged at zonal level, if necessary, by the S&LP-HQS engineers for quick disposal of burnt/defective/non-display 3-ph static meters 22.05.2010 Click Here
  O.O.No. 283 Procedure of elevation of Diploma Engineers to the SE level 25.03.2010 Click Here
  O.O.No. 256 Compulsory stay at headquarters 09.02.2010 Click Here
  O.O.No. 256 Promotion of Diploma Engineers 11.01.2010 Click Here
  O.O.No.242 WBSEDCL is sanctioned reimbursement of Mobile Phone Bill upto Rs. 500 (Rupees Five Hundred only) per month. 15.05.2009 Click Here
  O.O.No. 149 Employees entitled to AC 2nd Class 2-Tier Sleeper when travelling by railway on tourand transfer 16.07.2009 Click Here
  O.O.No. 91 Revision in Travelling allowance Rules 16.02.2009 Click Here
  O.O.No. 90 Rules for Medical Riembursement 16.02.2009 Click Here
  O.O.No.37 Revision in Leave Travel Concession(LTC) benefit in respect of employees of WBSEDCL 10.01.2008 Click Here
  Circular Industrial SAW MILL connections, the intending consumers are being asked to submit "Forest Clearance Certificate" 25.08.2007 Click Here
  Memo No. SEH/SLLP/162/1854(2) Theft asses bill wbseb 24.02.2006 Click Here
  Cir. No. 11/2005 Guideline for theft detection 31.06.2005 Click Here
  O.O.No.6099 Billing of new consumers covered under quarterly billing system 31.01.2004 Click Here
  Circular P.C based D.C.C shall start functioning from 9:30 a.m on all working days 31.03.2003 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/71 Detailed guidelines for operationalising Assured Promotion Scheme containing procedural and functional details 04.04.2002 Click Here
  O.O.No.04/2002 Reconnection consitions for disconnected consumres 08.04.2002 Click Here
  Circular.No.2000/494 Guideline for proper meter reading 29.11.2000 Click Here