Sl.No. Order No. Order Details Date Details
  No.I/206571/2022-POW-15013/1/2022-SECTION (POWER)-Dept.of POWER Govt. of West Bengal Power Department Notification to authorised to lodge FIR for Hooking 13.07.2022 Click Here
No.26-POW-13099/2/2021-Section(Power) Demolition of unit 1 of BTPS & unit 1,2 of KTPS. 24.02.2022 Details
No.1971-F(Y) (Memorandum)Additional austcrity measures to be followed for combating the second wave of COVID19 30.06.2021 Details
No.199-WI-13015/4/2020-EIC(WRIDD)-Dept.of WRID Decentralized payment of electricity bills in respect of State Owned & Operated Minor Irrigation Installations of Water Resources Development Directorate under WRI&D Department 08.02.2021 Details
No.71/WBERC Notification(WBERC) 21.12.2020 Details
No.3490-F(P2) (Memorandum)DA of West Bengal Government 14.12.2020 Details
Memo No.131-POW-13012(11)/9/2020 Deposition of Electric Duty 10.11.2020 Details
No.2413-F(P2) Special scheme for COVID warriors 12.08.2020 Details
No. FS-152 /2020 Guideline in respect of In-Patient Dep[artment (IDP) treatment in the COVID pandemic situation under WBHS 06.08.2020 Details
No. FS-152 /2020 All Saturdays inclusive of 2nd and 4th Saturdays as Holidays under N.I. Act and Advisory for restricting business hours of the Bank Branches/Offices on working days from 10 AM to 2 PM. 20.07.2020 Details
"Hasir Alo" "Hasir Alo" Order of the WBERC 31.03.2020 Details
No.21-PO/O/C-II/4M-02/2018 Notification (Obtaining self certification acknowledgement online) 10.02.2020 Details
No.2233-T&CP/C-2/1E-15/2012) Recruitment and Promotion rules, 2019 22.08.2019 Details
No.63/WBERC Regulation 63 22.08.2019 Details
No.3998-F(P2) Utilisation of manpower 15.07.2019 Details
No.06-PO/O/C-I/5M-130/11(Part-I) Approval of state Government towards capping of the supervision charges for electrical utility shifting cases @2.5% of the total estimated value for all NHAI works under works under jurisdiction of WBSEDCL-reg 10.01.2019 Details
No.6713-F(P2)/FA/O/2M/289/16(N.B) RESOLUTION 31.10.2018 Details
No.35-F(MED)WB Memorandum (Government of West Bengal, Finance Department, Medical Cell) 24.04.2018 Details
No.61-PO/O/C- VI/5S-06/2018 Notification 29.03.2018 Details
No.RS.39/2/2018-L Replacing the words 'Yours faithfully' with the words 'Yours sincerely'in Notice forms and request forms being used by Members-reg 28.03.2018 Details
No.2762-F(P) Resolution 25.05.2016 Details
No.1682-F(P2) Public holiday under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 for ongoing General Election to the West Bengal Legislative Assembly 22.03.2016 Details
No.1100-F(P) Grant of Paternity-cum-Child Care Leave for 30 days to the male State Government employees 25.02.2016 Details
No.1010-F(P) Holiday on Monday, 7.3.2016 on account of Sibaratri 22.02.2016 Details
No.7682-F(P) Memorandum 03.11.2015 Details
Case No.WBERC/OA-88/10-11 Regulation Spot Quotation 13.11.2013 Details
No.50/WBERC Notification 22.05.2013 Details
No.305-PO/O/C-IV/1E-41/12 Premises definition circular 15.05.2013 Details
Regulation 135 Notification(Theft of energy) 03.10.2011 Details
No.46/WBERC Notification 31.05.2010 Details
No.WBERC/A-41/J/505 Notification 05.07.2007 Details
F.No.28034/9/2009-Estt.(A) Office Memorandum: Posting of husband and wife at the same station 30.09.2009 Details
No. 201-F(Pen) Revision of pension / family pension, gratuity and commutation of pension of post 01.01.2006 pensioners. 25.02.2009 Details
No.14 of 1998 The Electricity Regulatory Commissions Act,1998 -- Details