WBSEB orders & Circulars

Sl.No. Order No. Order Details Date Details
  Memo No. SEH/SLLP/162/1854(2) Theft asses bill wbseb 24.02.2006 Click Here
  Cir. No. 11/2005 Guideline for theft detection 31.06.2005 Click Here
  O.O.No.6099 Billing of new consumers covered under quarterly billing system 31.01.2004 Click Here
  Circular P.C based D.C.C shall start functioning from 9:30 a.m on all working days 31.03.2003 Click Here
  O.O.No.P/71 Detailed guidelines for operationalising Assured Promotion Scheme containing procedural and functional details 04.04.2002 Click Here
  O.O.No.04/2002 Reconnection consitions for disconnected consumres 08.04.2002 Click Here
  O.O.No.5901 Outdoor duty attendance guidelines 14.05.2001 Click Here
  Circular Attendance register guidelines 18.12.2000 Click Here
  Circular.No.2000/494 Guideline for proper meter reading 29.11.2000 Click Here
  Circular.No.91/284 Grant of leave on the day of blood donation to volutery donors 29.10.1991 Click Here